Rosie Batty Australian of the Year

2015 Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty

About a year ago, Rosie Batty was trying to live a normal life with her 11 year old son, Luke, when her former partner and Luke’s father murdered her boy one evening after cricket practice in Tyabb, no more than 20 minutes from my house.

It was an unimaginable crime that immediately thrust Rosie into the public spotlight as she grieved the loss of her son and tried to make sense of such a senseless situation.

This remarkable woman has handled her tragic circumstances with grace and has become an extraordinary ambassador to bring awareness to, and hopefully resolve, our national crisis of domestic violence.

She is a worthy recipient of Australian of the Year, as she has turned her pain into a campaign to make the world a better and safer place for women and children.  It is an incredibly important cause and one that needs a strong, articulate, human face if we are to make a dent in this horrible social crisis that impacts far too many families in Australia and around the world.

The system that we have in place at present let Rosie and Luke down due to it’s terrible inadequacies and she is determined to drive change.

And now Australian legislators are taking notice and there is hope that in the years ahead, we will be confronted with less tragic stories like the death of Luke.

Rosie recently said, “I’ve always been amazed at the courage and strength that people do have. Ultimately, you have no choice but to get up each day and face the world, and put one step forward. What is the alternative?”

The reality is that she did have an alternative.

She could have chosen to become totally absorbed and immobilised by her pain.

She could have shaken her fist at the world and asked why no one was doing anything about it.

Instead, she took action.

What an inspirational Australian!

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