I-dont-just-want-to-readI love reading about history, especially about inspiring people who have achieved phenomenal deeds.

I enjoy learning about the men and women who have helped to shape the world as it is today through great ideas and remarkable action.

I find it relaxing, I find it stimulating and I find it motivating.

But I don’t just want to read about history.

I want to make history!

I don’t just want to learn about the greats who have gone before me.

I want to stand on their shoulders and reach even higher!

I want to live a life worth writing about.

I want to live a life that inspires and equips others to achieve deeds far beyond my own.

I want to leave an indelible print on this world and make a positive difference with my life.

It would be easy to meander through life, coasting along and wasting the skills that I’ve been given.

But I’m just not interested in that.

I would rather have a shot at greatness and fail than aim for average and succeed.

I know that I’m not there yet.

I know that I may never get there.

But it’s worth aspiring towards.

Who’s with me?

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