Its-easy-to-say-nothingIt’s easy to say nothing, or at the most keep to trivial, inane subjects.

It takes no effort to do nothing, or nothing of importance.

To have no opinion or ideas (or just borrow the opinions and idea of others) is a simple task.

But the world doesn’t change that way.

You have something to say.

Let’s hear it!

You have something to do.

Let’s see it!

You have an opinion and you have ideas.

Please, think them through and share them.

People may disagree with you.

You may actually be wrong.

You may have a lot to learn about how to influence others with your ideas.

And perhaps you will need to change your mind and direction more than once.  I know I have.

But at least you’re participating and giving yourself a chance to grow into the person you’re called to become.

It’s easy to say nothing.

But we’re not here for an easy ride.

We’re here to make a difference.

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