If-you-can-failIt used to be a badge of honour to have never failed, but I’m not sure that it is any more.

At least it shouldn’t be.

You see, the person who never failed probably also never really tried.

They didn’t do anything particularly challenging or difficult.

They stopped learning a long time ago.

They didn’t innovate or come up with creative ideas.

They chose safety and comfort over significance and courage.

They became critical of those who made mistakes, but didn’t understand why they were left behind.

“Choose me,” they would protest, “I’ve never failed.”

But the ability to fail, involves several other invaluable traits.

If you can fail, you can bounce back with resilience.

If you can fail, you can learn and evolve.

If you can fail, you can truly innovate.

And the ultimate modern paradox, if you can fail regularly, you can succeed magnificently.

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