You-have-all-that-youA man looked out over the desert and was troubled.

“How can anything grow here?” He wondered aloud and then looked to the heavens and pleaded, “God, why don’t you water the desert?”

He looked around to see if God was going to answer his prayer and saw a well nearby that he hadn’t noticed before.

The man looked to the heavens again and said, “That’s no good.  How can anyone carry the water from the well?”

When he looked around again, he saw a pile of buckets that he hadn’t noticed before.

“Pfft! What good are buckets of water without a way to carry them?” He asked.

At that, he felt a nudge on his elbow and was shocked to see a donkey next to him.

The man was really frustrated now.

“For the last time, why don’t you water the desert?” He yelled.

The man turned, scowled at the donkey and was about to walk away when he saw a small piece of paper falling from the sky.  He watched it land at his feet and picked it up.  The paper simply said this:

“I provided the well, the buckets and donkey.  You have all that you need to water the desert, it’s time to get started.”

The man scrunched up the piece of paper, sighed and walked away with his shoulders slumped.

And the desert was never watered.

Sometimes, it’s easy to expect that God or the government or someone else is going to provide a miracle or take action to solve the problems that we can see around us.

However, I wrote this story as a reminder that sometimes the miracle isn’t that God clicks His fingers to solve everything for us in an instant.  It’s that He has equipped us to partner with Him to change the world and make things better.

So don’t look at the world’s problems and demand that God makes things better.

Look at how He has equipped you to do something about it.

You have been given the well, the buckets and the donkey.

You have all that you need to make a positive difference.

Are you going to walk away from your purpose like the man did?

Or are you going to step up into your calling?

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