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Premeditated-goodnessIn most judicial systems, premeditated crimes are considered the worst.  Whether they are murders, assaults or other violent crimes, they are frowned upon and dealt with harshly, because they are the result of an idea that has been planned and acted upon.

But what about premeditated goodness?

What about those times when we have an idea that will benefit others, develop a strategy and take action to make the lives of others better?

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The-best-kind-ofThe best kind of motivation doesn’t come from an inspiring speaker.

It doesn’t come from an insightful book or a brilliant blog.

It doesn’t come from a loved one cheering you on.

It doesn’t come from a helpful message from a celebrity.

It doesn’t come from a rags to riches, backs against the wall, against all odds sporting achievement.

It doesn’t come from trying to prove your doubters wrong or from a fear of failure and embarrassment.

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One-day-you-will-be-oldI don’t know how you feel, but there are times when I feel like giving up.

Perhaps not giving up altogether, but diluting my dreams, settling for second best and lowering the bar.

Whichever way you put it, it’s normal and is a part of most people’s stories, but just because your circumstances are difficult, your dreams have been delayed or you don’t feel motivated, you don’t have to stop.

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You-Dont-Get-the-RainbowYou don’t get the rainbow without the rain.

You don’t get the view without the climb.

You don’t get the muscles without the sweat.

You don’t get the gold without the refining fire.

You don’t get the butterfly without the cocoon.

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There-are-very-realThe real danger isn’t that you make mistakes, it’s that you don’t take the necessary risks to achieve greatness.

The real danger isn’t that you doubt yourself, it’s that you let those doubts hold you back.

The real danger isn’t that you are hurt by those you love, it’s that you are unable to forgive them.

The real danger isn’t that you lose your job, it’s that you stay in a dead-end role for 40 years. Read the rest of this entry »

You-can-be-unstoppableThere are 10 unstoppable forces in the world:

1. A rampaging elephant on the charge.

2. An albatross soaring high above the ocean.

3. A glacier sliding inexorably down a mountain.

4. A flooded river that has broken its banks.

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Its-amazing-what-you-canIf you work just a little bit more.

If you smile just a little bit more.

If you hustle just a little bit more.

If you exercise just a little bit more.

If you read just a little bit more.

If you pray just a little bit more.

If you have just a little bit more passion. Read the rest of this entry »

Walk TallWhen life kicks sand in your face, walk tall!

When the voices of your critics are ringing in your ears, walk tall!

When you experience rejection after rejection, walk tall!

When every room you walk into seems to be full of people who doubt you, walk tall!

When you wake up feeling inadequate and insignificant, walk tall!

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If-your-dream-is-worthyI know that you may not get that job that you want, but don’t reject yourself, that’s someone else’s job.

I know that you won’t make a sale to every prospect, but don’t say no to yourself before you pitch, that’s for them to do.

I’ve seen too many people fall into the habit of rejecting themselves.

They come up with a list of reasons for not taking the actions necessary for success.

“I’m not qualified.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’m not one of the chosen ones.”

“It’s a long shot anyway.”

You have a dream?

That’s awesome.

If it’s a worthy dream, you will have obstacles along the way and will face rejection from time to time.

Just make sure that the rejection doesn’t come from you.

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Lets-play-spot-theMy kids are still at an age when they do the occasional “spot the difference” puzzle.

They have two pictures in front of them that have 5-10 subtle differences and they need to circle the disparities between the two.

Let’s play a different version of spot the difference.

Look at yourself now and five years ago.

Look at your health, intellect, career, relationships, emotional intelligence, expertise, finances, faith, the progress that you’ve made towards your goals.

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