We-climb-up-and-we-slideWhatever we do in life, to go up requires effort, but to go back down takes no effort at all.

You need strength to climb a mountain or ladder, but to go back down again, you just need to let go and fall back to earth.

It takes discipline and focus to continually learn and develop new skills, but you don’t have to do anything to remain ignorant.

It takes grunt, sweat and persistence to build a successful career or business, but to waste your working years requires nothing but ambivalence.

To get fit and physically strong requires consistent activity, but to blow out in size just needs a nice comfy couch.

It’s difficult to stay ahead of the pack, but to be passed by everyone else, you just need to stand in one spot for a while.

It takes effort to become excellent, but mediocrity asks nothing of you.

It can take years to gain respect and build a strong reputation in your field, but one silly act to bring you back down again.

We climb up, but we slide down.

Which one are you doing at the moment?

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