Theres-an-easy-and-aThere’s an easy and a hard road to success.

The easy road requires years of blood, sweat and tears.

It requires discipline, focus and the ability to say no to immediate gratification so that you can say yes to long-term results.

It requires the capability to continually learn new skills and update knowledge.

And it requires taking risks that have no guarantees of a positive outcome.

Comparatively, the hard road to success requires you to sit on your hands and wait for positive things to happen to you.

It requires the constant search for short-cuts and easy options.

It requires doing the same thing over and over again with little apparent progress, like a hamster on a wheel or a vehicle stuck in mud.

It requires a yearning for comfort, despite the nagging voice in your head and heart to have a go.

There’s an easy and a hard road to success.

Please don’t get them confused or think that you are the exception!

The easy road may make success look difficult, but it’s got nothing on the alternative.

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