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How-about-instead-ofHave you ever seen a dog with three legs?

They are truly remarkable.

They hobble around chasing balls and birds with their tails wagging happily, unconcerned by their apparent disability, but just focused on doing what dogs do best.

They love life, never complain and have exactly the same attitude of dogs with four legs.

How we could learn from them.

In some way, most of us are three-legged dogs.

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Are-you-avoiding-orUncertainty is one of the few things that we can be certain about in life.

And whatever we do, we can never be absolutely sure about what the future holds.

But uncertainty can be uncomfortable, so we try to avoid it.

We try to find safe, secure jobs, even if they are mundane and meaningless.

We try to control our relationships, even if that means we limit their potential.

We only read books or blogs by people we already agree with (if we read at all), so that our worldview isn’t challenged.

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Can-one-person-change-the-worldIt’s easy to look at the problems of the world and think that one person couldn’t possibly make a difference.

War, terrorism, drugs, crime, homelessness, unemployment, millions of refugees, poverty, man-made climate change, the list of massive global issues goes on and on.

Sometimes, I feel helpless.

I feel useless.

I feel completely inadequate.

And I’m not always sure where to start or even if I should bother trying.

Can one person really change the world?

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We-climb-up-and-we-slideWhatever we do in life, to go up requires effort, but to go back down takes no effort at all.

You need strength to climb a mountain or ladder, but to go back down again, you just need to let go and fall back to earth.

It takes discipline and focus to continually learn and develop new skills, but you don’t have to do anything to remain ignorant.

It takes grunt, sweat and persistence to build a successful career or business, but to waste your working years requires nothing but ambivalence.

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Make-todays-ceilingLet me challenge you today to create a foundation for phenomenal results in the future.

Whatever you did today, beat it tomorrow.

Whatever your standard is at the moment, keep raising it.

Whatever heights you’ve reached, keep looking up.

Don’t get complacent and don’t peak too early.

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Rough-seas-make-greatSometimes, I imagine what life would be like if I had no problems.

If my kids were perfect little angels.

If I had a perfect marriage.

If all of my clients were compliant, easy to deal with and were happy to pay me a lot more money.

If cars and houses didn’t need expensive maintenance.

If I was in peak physical condition (with minimal effort of course).

But it’s not like that.

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Glenn Cunningham

Glenn Cunningham, the Kansas Flyer

One of the books that I’m reading at the moment is Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken, the story of Louie Zamperoni that has recently been made into a movie.  Whilst his story is inspirational enough, Laura’a done a great job of writing about him, so this post is about one of the guys who inspired Zamperoni, Glenn Cunningham.

At the age of 8, Cunningham’s legs were badly burned in a school fire that killed his older brother, Floyd.

The doctor’s recommended that Glenn’s legs be amputated, but he protested to his parents and he kept them.  However, his injuries were so bad that doctors said that he wouldn’t ever be able to walk normally again.

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Smiling-is-the-new-blackSmiling is the new black.

It looks good on everyone.

It’s suitable for any occasion.

And everyone you meet will want to know where you got it.

A bad attitude is so last season.

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What-will-people-sayOne day people will look at your accomplishments and say:

“How did they get so lucky?”

“How did they get so many opportunities?”

“I wish that I could be an overnight success like them.”

“They’re just one of the fortunate few.”

Of course, we’ll know the truth.

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You-have-the-opportunityThere was a time when the average person did what their father and father’s father did for a career.

They would work in the same job for 40 hours a week for 40 years, no matter how mind-numbingly boring and meaningless it was.

They would go back every day even though they hated it.

And despite being a mismatch for their role, they keep doing a half-baked job for years.

There was a time when too many people did work they hated, work that didn’t matter and work that they weren’t suited for, because they felt they had no choice.

Times have changed!

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