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Do-something-that-makesHaving the ability to expand your comfort zone is an important component of living a successful life.

So, with that in mind, I want to encourage you to do something that makes you feel nervous today.

You could:

Introduce yourself to someone new,

Call an old friend,

Launch that blog that you’ve been thinking about,

Ask your boss for a pay rise,

Try a new sport or hobby, Read the rest of this entry »

Are-you-counting-theAre you waiting for the weekend, or are you doing something meaningful with your work during the week?

Are you waiting for someone to notice you, or are you working hard to ensure that they can’t miss the quality of your work?

Are you waiting for the perfect circumstances, or are you doing all that you can to make your circumstances better?

Are you waiting for your kids to grow older, or are you enjoying every moment that you have with them now?

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Its-a-wild-world-that-weSeriously, it’s crazy out there.

The world is an unpredictable place, full of constant and incessant change.

It waits for no person and cannot be controlled.

So what person is expected to thrive in such a world?

The person who tries to play it safe?

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The-indefatigable-one-isThe indefatigable one is tireless.




The indefatigable one is never defeated.

Never broken.

Never without hope.

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Today-was-the-worst-dayThis remarkable poem was written recently by high school student Chanie Gorkin, from Brooklyn, New York.

I hope that you like it:

Today was the worst day ever

And don’t try to convince me that

There’s something good in every day

Because when you take a look,

This world is a pretty evil place. Read the rest of this entry »

If-you-cant-take-theThere’s an old saying that, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

The inference is that when life gets tough, it’s time to escape, to run away, to avoid the pain.

It’s the way so many people live, but is it the most resourceful?

I remember as a teenager, I used to work at an aged care facility on weekends, helping to serve meals and clean the dishes.  I had to use one of those large commercial dishwashers and when I first started working there, I could hardly touch the dishes when they first came out. because they were so hot.

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Youre-better-off-makingEvery now and then, during my morning shower, my befuddled mind can’t remember whether or not I’ve shampooed my hair.

I stand there looking confused, deciding whether or not to risk doing it again (which seems like a waste of time), or risk not doing it at all.

I suspect that there are other (far more important) things in life that we should be doing, but we’re not sure if we already have.

So, if you’re not sure whether or not you’ve told your spouse and kids that you love them and are proud of them, play it safe and do it again.

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Put-yourself-in-aOne of the books that I’m currently reading is Bill Bryson’s brilliantly funny “A Walk in the Woods.”

Before he set out on his adventure along the Appalachian Trail that is the subject of the book, he described his situation as, “exciting and daunting, mostly daunting.”

I could certainly relate to this as I’ve had those feelings a few times myself.

Before launching my business, having kids, getting married, even when I first started this blog and every time I speak to groups, I felt excited and daunted, but mostly daunted.

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By-myself-I-believe-thatThere are times when the obstacles in front of me look intimidating, but you give me a hand to clamber over them.

I hope that I do the same for you.

There are times when I wonder if it’s worth the effort to change the world, but you remind me that it is and show me how.

I hope that I do the same for you.

There are times when I’m feeling low, but you cheer me up and make me laugh.

I hope that I do the same for you.

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Dont-waste-a-day-andIt seems like yesterday when I launched my business full-time.

That was over two and a half years ago.

It seems like yesterday when our twins were born.

That was seven and a half years ago.

It seems like yesterday when our oldest son was born.

That was over ten years ago.

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