I-cant-I-dont-know-how-IWhen it comes to living our dreams, I hear a lot people say, “I can’t.”

They come up with a range of seemingly reasonable excuses.

If that’s you, I want to encourage a transition in your thinking.

What if instead of saying, “I can’t” you said “I don’t know how.”

And then when you find out how, you start saying, “I think I can.”

And once you think you can, you start to say, “I really want to.”

And then when you get a taste for it, you begin to say, “I’m making progress.”

After you start making progress, you are able to say, “I will do it.”

And once you get to that point, “I did it” becomes a mere formality.

I don’t know where you are on this continuum, but whatever you do, don’t get stuck thinking, “I can’t.”

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