Unless-youre-short-andThe kids have been on holidays from school over the past couple of weeks, so I made sure that I had a client-free day so that I could take them out to the movies to see “the Minions.”

The kids had a ball, I loved it too and it was a lovely day.

On reflection, it seems to me that we need minions in our society.

There are a range of thankless, anonymous, unskilled and unglamourous jobs that are necessary, but pay a pittance.

Jobs that require someone to take orders to the letter, do what they’re told and not use their imagination.

Anyone can do them, not many people want to, but somebody has to.

Enter the minion.

We need them, but you don’t have to be one.

You have a unique set of skills and attributes that are valuable and important.

If you work hard, keep learning, identify your niche and deliver consistently outstanding results, you can find a role that maximises your ability to do meaningful work.

So unless you’re short and yellow and obsessed with bananas, don’t be a minion!

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