If-you-keep-looking-youI can be accused of being a bit absent-minded sometimes.  I get lost in my own little world and forget what I was doing, which means that I am often looking for things around the house or office, not sure where I left them last.

My keys, my wallet, my phone, whatever it is, I have to keep looking for them until I find them or I won’t even be able to leave the house.

However, there are other, less tangible things that I think all of us should be looking for on a daily basis and if we are able to stay focused in our search, I believe that they can make a massive difference to our quality of life and level of success.

Here are 10 things you should never stop looking for:

  1. Your purpose and a way to fulfill it,
  2.  A reason to be grateful,
  3. An opportunity to learn more,
  4. A person whose day you can brighten,
  5. Beauty and wonder,
  6. A way to express your love and affection for those you care about,
  7. Something that makes you laugh heartily,
  8. Someone to encourage or teach,
  9. A way to make a positive difference in the world,
  10. Where God is in your situation.

If you keep looking, you will find it.

So please, please, please never stop looking.

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