Do-you-take-dictation-orThe remaining pages of your life, career and circumstances are yet to be written, and chances are that if you don’t take charge and write the script yourself, others will do it for you.

Their intentions for your life may be noble, but the outcome won’t be as satisfying unless you take responsibility for your future.

No one else can read your dreams.

No one else can maximise your talent.

No one else can tick off your bucket list.

And your life goals and aspirations can’t be achieved while you’re spending all of your energy on someone else’s.

So let me ask you.

Do you take dictation, or are you writing the script?

Is your life’s direction dominated by the voices and ideas of others, or are you forging the path that God has laid out for you?

Are you in charge of your destiny?

Are you in control of how you spend your energy?

Are you responsible for your current situation and your future success?

If so, that’s awesome, but if not, it’s time to grab it back.

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