Put-yourself-in-aOne of the books that I’m currently reading is Bill Bryson’s brilliantly funny “A Walk in the Woods.”

Before he set out on his adventure along the Appalachian Trail that is the subject of the book, he described his situation as, “exciting and daunting, mostly daunting.”

I could certainly relate to this as I’ve had those feelings a few times myself.

Before launching my business, having kids, getting married, even when I first started this blog and every time I speak to groups, I felt excited and daunted, but mostly daunted.

And I suspect that for most of us, when we are about to do anything worthwhile, that’s how we feel.

At that point, we have a crucial choice.

Do we heed the excited part and take action?

Or does the mostly daunted part of our emotions over-ride everything else, distracting us and stopping us from doing what we know we should.

This is my prayer for you today:

That you would put yourself in a position to feel excited and daunted more often.

And that you would act in your excitement, not be intimidated by how daunting the task is.

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