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Battery-hens-merelyTom went to visit his mentor, Dwyer, in his small cabin on the edge of town.

“What do people need to be happy?” Tom asked.

“What do you think?” Dwyer asked back.

Tom thought for a moment.

“I think that if people have their basic needs met, you know, food and a place to live, and if they are safe from harm and have a job to do, that should be enough to keep them happy.”

Dwyer frowned.  Clearly he disagreed.

The old man jumped to his feet and marched to the door, beckoning his young friend to follow him.

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The-future-belongs-toThe future belongs to the starry eyed.

To the dreamer.

To the person who isn’t too embarrassed or self-conscious to look at the wonders of the world with fascination.

To the person who can keep singing despite their circumstances.

To the person who remains obsessed and fixated on their goals despite their critics.

To the person who sees opportunities everywhere.

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Youre-not-good-forYou may have been told when growing up that you were good for nothing.

And you may have believed them.

But I’m here today to tell you that you’re good for something.

You have a unique combination of skills.

You have valuable experience.

And you have a perspective that we need to hear from.

But you’re not just good at something.

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If-you-want-to-doIf you want to do anything meaningful with your life, you can’t skip the struggle.

You can’t avoid doing the work required to achieve significant goals.

You won’t be able to learn everything that you need to know in a moment.

You will feel anxious and unsure about the future.

And there will be times when you don’t seem to be making much progress.

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Life-is-incrediblyLife is incredibly precious.

I’m reminded of that when I remember the first day I held my kids and when I watch them navigate their way through growing up.

I’m reminded of it whenever I experience the loss of a loved one, either gone too soon, or after a life well lived.

Life is incredibly precious.

Too precious to waste in trivial, meaningless jobs.

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Theres-an-itch-thatsThere is a part of you that knows you were meant for more.

There’s something inside that wants to make something beautiful.

Sometimes, you lay awake at night dreaming of possibilities and wondering what could happen if you took the leap.

You see the amazing work of others and know that you could do something similar.

Every now and then your heart starts racing when you talk about your aspirations.

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What-should-you-do-whenI was watching David Attenborough’s latest series, Life Story, this week and one of the featured animals was a beautiful male flame bowerbird who had spent weeks meticulously building a bower to attract a female.

It was extraordinary to see the level of care and detail that went into his creation as he fidgeted and fussed about enthusiastically.

Then, when he was distracted by a couple of younger males, a rival came in and completely destroyed the bower.

He returned crestfallen and completed a quick inspection of the damage.

Then he did something amazing.

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If-youve-read-the-smallWhen you sign up to live a life of greatness, it important that you understand the less glamorous aspects of maximising your potential.

I know that there are people who make it look easy, and becoming one of the best in your field seems like a cool idea, but don’t forget to read the small print.

It will be hard.  Really hard.  There’s no avoiding it.  It’s part of the deal.
It will take longer than you hope.  I know that there are exceptions and stories of overnight success, but you won’t be one of them.

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Those-who-are-lookingThose who are looking for a reason to do the bare minimum with their lives, will find one.

Those who are looking for a reason to work in a dead-end job for the rest of their lives, will find one.

Those who are looking for a reason to live in fear, will find one.

Those who are looking for a reason to complain about their circumstances, will find one.

Those who are looking for a reason to criticise and put others down, will find one.

But those who are looking for a reason to live with passion, will find one.

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In-every-moment-is-theIn every moment is the opportunity to create a better future.

To learn.

To take action.

To encourage.

To change direction.

To persist.

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