Learn-to-be-thankful-forI’ve had one of those weeks.

The two boys have been unwell for a couple of weeks and their recovery is taking longer than anticipated.

My business has been challenging, with a couple of “interesting” clients and a lot of evenings and weekends in a row.

I’ve been wrestling with a couple of issues with God and don’t seem to be making much progress.

I’ve had a couple of (very minor) ailments that have been annoying me.

And it seemed that nothing I was doing was getting me the results that I was after.

It got to me a couple of days ago, and I found myself in a surly mood, feeling slightly sorry for myself.

And then I realised that this is the week of Thanksgiving Day in the States.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, we prefer to recognise horses running for two miles and the birthdays of dead English queens, but I love the concept.

An entire day spent remembering everything that we have to be thankful for is an awesome idea.

So in my own head I started my list of things that I’m grateful for.

  • I get to do what I love and meet some fascinating people through my business,
  • Hayden was baptised last weekend and I had the opportunity to be part of the process,
  • Logan and Madison turned 8 two weeks ago and they are growing into wonderful children,
  • Karen and I celebrate 19 years of marriage in a couple of weeks,
  • The house where I live, the car that I drive, the church I’m a part of,
  • In real terms, we’ve all been very fortunate with our health,
  • I am loved by the Creator of the Universe who has a remarkable plan for my life.

As I developed this list and added more things to it, my mood shifted.

As my gratitude increased, my attitude became more positive.

By the end I wasn’t a grumpy old geezer feeling sorry for myself anymore, but was excited about the future and ready for the next challenge.

I remembered again that gratitude is important as it helps us to count our blessings and be more positive about life.

Or as Jim Rohn once said, “Learn to be thankful for what you have, while you pursue all that you want.”

So to all of my friends and readers in the States, Happy Thanksgiving.  I trust that you have a great holiday and the opportunity to spend valuable time with your loved ones as you reflect on all that you have to be thankful for.

And don’t forget, don’t just be thankful for things, but express your gratitude to people.

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