Do-you-want-to-create-aThe Trevi Fountain is one of the most remarkable landmarks of the great city of Rome.

Every day, thousands of tourists throw coins over their left shoulder into this icon.

After winning the commission to build the fountain, Nicola Salvi started working on his masterpiece in 1732.  He laboured away for 19 years before dying in 1751, leaving the project unfinished.  A team of designers took over and the Trevi Fountain that we see today was finally completed in 1762.

Do you want to create a masterpiece?

Do you want to develop your skills to an elite level?

Do you want your life’s work to matter?

Remember that greatness takes time.

How much time?

I have no idea, but it could be 10, 20 or even 30 years.

So stay focused.

Keep working.

Never stop learning.

Be relentless and persistent.

Enjoy the journey.

Maintain the faith.

And when you start to lose faith, remember that the Trevi Fountain was worth the wait and so will your masterpiece!

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