December 2016

30th – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2016

29th – What Will You Be Proud Of?

28th – Don’t Wish For It, Work For It

27th – My Favourite Books From 2016

26th – My Ongoing Apprenticeship

23rd – The Wallaby by the Side of the Road

22nd – You’re Probably Right

21st – The 2016 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

20th – You Have a Knack

19th – At Least Give Yourself a Chance

16th – What If You Slip on a Banana Peel?

15th – Be a Heat-Seeking Missile

14th – We All Need a Bit of Adversity

13th – Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

12th – 10 Things Every Leader Should Know

9th – Savour It

8th – You’re a Rubber Ball, Not a Tea Cup

7th – Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

6th – The Most Influential Words That You Will Hear Today

5th – Push Down the Fence and Graze in a Bigger Paddock

2nd – Fight One More Round

1st – Discover Fire

November 2016

30th – What Are You Going To Do With Your Life That Will Last Forever?

29th – Keep Chipping Away

28th – Be More Ridiculous

25th – You’re Fully Fledged Now

24th – It Goes Without Saying

23rd – Extraordinary Tenacity

22nd – What If It Takes Years?

21st – If You’re Fully Committed, You’ll Find a Way

18th – I Had a Bad Day Yesterday

17th – Put Your Glasses On

16th – Snowy the Pony – A Story About Starting Small

15th – Decency Costs Nothing

14th – Just Pay the Ferryman

11th – Make Yourself Great Again

10th – When You’re in the Bottom of a Pit

9th – You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It

8th – How To Make a Positive Difference in a Negative World

7th – I Can Do It In My Sleep

4th – Little Things Make a Big Difference

3rd – Everyone’s Afraid

2nd – Go, Then Grow

1st – Two Pennies

October 2016

31st – We’re Surrounded By Zombies

28th – You’re Not a Plastic Bag

27th – What Are You Incubating?

26th – Lift Your Expectations

25th – Are You Sure? 

24th –  I Can’t Surf

21st – Don’t Get a Job, Find Your Calling

20th – There Was a Time

19th – The Long and Unspectacular Period of Preparation

18th – Give Them Confidence

17th – There is No Grand Conspiracy

14th – The Lonely Cassowary – A Story About Our Usefulness

13th – Get Those Ideas Out of Your Head

12th – Make Tomorrow Better

11th – I Would Rather Be an Optimist

10th – Leave Footprints of Joy

7th – A Bad Day or a Good Day – A Story About How We Can Influence the World

6th – Eagles, Roadkill and Work

5th – Blessed Are the Peacemakers

4th – Our Noisy Blender

3rd – The World is Waiting

September 2016

30th – Not All Heroes Wear Capes

29th – There’s One in Every Group

28th – Go Up One Step At a Time

27th – Take the Hand Brake Off

26th – You Can’t Edit a Blank Page

23rd – The Boss Won’t Let Me

22nd – Not Every Seed Will Flower

21st – Show Up.  Everyday!

20th – Are You Just Stringing and Unstringing Your Instrument?

19th – Inspirational People – Ibrahim Hamadtou

16th – How to Make a Splash – A Story About Impacting the World

15th – How Tall Is Mount Everest?

14th – Flirting With Mediocrity

13th – If You Hear Nothing Else Today

12th – If You Stop Now

9th – Today For Tomorrow

8th – Peanut Allergies and Fear

7th – Are Your Dreams an Escape From Reality or Fuel To Create a Better Future?

6th – That Special Untouched Bottle of Wine

5th – I Wish That I Could Do More

2nd – How Would You Describe Your Job?

1st – Vivify the World

August 2016

31st – Fourth Place in the Olympics

30th – Don’t Do It Because It’s Your Job

29th – Go Out and Happen To Things

26th – It’s Your Turn

25th – There’s Nothing Quite Like Reading With Your Kids

24th – Controllable Positivity

23rd – You Can’t Light Wet Firewood

22nd – They Can’t Take That Away From You

19th – Are You a Worrier or a Warrior?

18th – You Are Not an Accident

17th – Small Acts With Big Heart

16th – Unrecognisable

15th – 10 Things You Can Say To Make the World a Better Place

12th – It Will Pay Off

11th – 45 Reasons To Be Grateful

10th – Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

9th – Thinking

8th – It’s Tempting

5th – Every Four Years and Every Single Day

4th – The Frozen River – A Story About Moving Towards Our Goals

3rd – A Mosquito in the Room

2nd – Limited Time Only

1st – NVA2L8

July 2016

29th – It’s Going To Be OK

28th – Don’t Just Sing the Notes

27th – Minimise Tomorrow’s Regrets

26th – Everyone Is Talented

25th – You Need a Reason

22nd – The Man With Cheese on His Moustache – A Story About Our Attitudes

21st – Keep Your Eyes on the Road

20th – Careers and Hermit Crabs

19th – A Daisy In a Field Full of Daisies

18th – Courage is a Muscle

15th – I Have No Idea Where I Am Going

14th – We Start as Cowards

13th – Hanging Over the Edge of a Cliff

12th – Remember the Toddler

11th – Out There, Or In Here?

8th – It’s Time To Open the Throttle

7th – We’re Ready

6th – We Can’t Forsake Them

5th – It’s Not the End of the Game, It’s Just a Time Out

4th – How Many Frogs Did You Walk Past Today?

1st – Today’s Manna

June 2016

30th – My New Hat. Damaged, But Better

29th – It Doesn’t Need To Be Average

28th – Melbourne Airport and a Life of Continuous Improvement

27th – I Need Wilder Dreams

24th – Everyone Wants To Be Successful, But…

23rd – Around the Corner

22nd – It’s None of My Business

21st – It’s a Privilege

20th – I Know That You Can, But Will You?

17th – Where Does the First Twig Go?

16th – The Worst Kind of Rejection

15th – A Great Book Is Meant To Be Read

14th – When All Is Said and Done

13th – Doggy Doors and Goals

10th – It’s Time To Stick Your Neck Out

9th – The Flames Won’t Burn Forever

8th – Open For Business

7th – Don’t Just Breathe

6th – Gorawk, Gorawk

3rd – On the Foggiest Day

2nd – I’m Doing the Best That I Can

1st – Who Is Really Killing Your Dreams?

May 2016

31st – Don’t Hang Up On Your Calling

30th – Don’t Leave It Half Done

27th – There Are Only Acts of Kindness

26th – To Those Who Have Gone Before

25th – Ayrton Senna and Limits

24th – Charlie Brown and Kite Flying

23rd – Who Do You Think You Are?

20th – Are You Walking Into the Wind?

19th – Are You Outraged or Inspired?

18th – Doing is Great Than Dreaming

17th – You Can’t Injure Your Hamstring Playing Nintendo

16th – What Are You Saying About Yourself?

13th – What Are You Dwelling On?

12th – Stay Hungry

11th – Not Where… How

10th – The Tougher the Climb, the Better the View

9th – Are You Living By Accident or On Purpose?

6th – You Are Relentless

5th – Just Another Day in the Office

4th – Be a Text Person

3rd – Remember To Look Up

2nd – Take a Sledgehammer To Your Fears

April 2016

29th – No-one is Useless in This World

28th – The Self-Defining T-Shirt

27th – It’s Time To Jump

26th – Growth is Optional

25th – Don’t Forget To Say Thank You

22nd – Focus on the Root, Not the Fruit

21st – Stop Anticipating Pain

20th – Why We Need Diabolical School Bands

19th – As I Walked

18th – An Open Letter To Everyone With an Unappreciative Boss

15th – Then the Gardener Moved In – A Story About Influencing the World

14th – Do Not Be Afraid

13th – Turn On the Lights

12th – Too Much Is Better Than Not Enough

11th – The Kid in a Candy Store – A Story About Making Decisions

8th – Savour Every Moment

7th – The Storm That You’re In

6th – Poor Me, Or Watch Me?

5th – The Gate’s Open… Run

4th – Marshmallow the Pink Pony

1st – Learn to Love the Battle

March 2016

31st – Make Something

30th – We Are Alive

29th – I Prayed and God Answered

28th – The Old Miner’s Cottage (and You)

25th – Good Friday is God’s Valentine’s Day

24th – You May Not Be a Protegé

23rd – Action Needs Traction

22nd – The More You Overcome Your Excuses, the Weaker They Become

21st – Give Cheerfully, Accept Gratefully

18th – The Acacia Tree of Aspiration

17th – It’s What You Do With It

16th – Today It’s Hard

15th – The Resilient Spider

14th – We Need Longer Tables and Shorter Fences

11th – Are You a Sherpa?

10th – It Matters

9th – The Caged Bird Still Sings

8th – Stay Inquisitive

7th – Are You Waiting or Preparing?

4th – The Meerkat and the Frog – A Story About Dealing With Pain

3rd – An Attitude of Eager Anticipation

2nd – Are You Just Counting Down the Clock?

1st – March On

February 2016

29th – Don’t Tell Us What You’re Passionate About

26th – Under Construction, But Not Yet Finished

25th – Do All the Good You Can

24th – Thoughts Are Nice

23rd – Stop Polishing Trophies

22nd – How Do You Know if You’re Close to a Breakthrough?

19th – Are You Walking the Dog, or is the Dog Walking You?

18th – I Wish It Was Easier

17th – You’re Never Trapped

16th – Bring Your Own Sunshine

15th – Your Words Are Extremely Powerful

12th – Behind the Scenes

11th – If They Can’t Hear You, Cheer Louder

10th – It’s Your Standard That Matters, Not Theirs

9th – Maybe This is the Moment That You Will Look Back On

8th – You’ll Never Find the Time

5th – The 10 Sheep – A Story About Speaking Out When Necessary

4th – Ants and Opportunities

3rd – Amazing Doesn’t Happen By Accident

2nd – Don’t!

1st – January’s Done, Now the Grind Begins

January 2016

29th – The Career Zoo

28th – Looking Forward To a New Adventure

27th – Wisdom or Consequences

26th – Inspirational People – Deng Thiak Adut

25th – Walk Uphill First

22nd – What Are You Seeing and Considering?

21st – You’re Always Dumb Before You’re Smart

20th – Something Happens When You Look For a Reason To Smile

19th – The Comparison Curse

18th – Stop Staring At Doors

15th – The Wildebeest Migration – A Story About the Risks That We Need To Take

14th – Help Someone Achieve Their Dreams

13th – Your Calling Card

12th – You Can’t Copy David Bowie

11th – Not If, When

8th – Add Your Own Adjective

7th – The Year of No Excuses

6th – Gadgets Won’t Change the World

5th – Choose Faith, Not Fear

4th – The First Oxpecker

1st – Happy New Year, or Same Old Year?