Make-sure-that-you-areIf you owned a zoo, you wouldn’t put an elephant in the Arctic exhibit.

And the penguins and polar bears wouldn’t thrive in the desert section.

You wouldn’t leave the birds in an open area where they could fly away.

And no-one would put venomous snakes in a section with open bars where they can attack the visitors.

If we can find a way to ensure that animals are kept in conditions that best match their unique needs and enables them to thrive, why do so many people spend their lives in jobs that don’t match their skills, for companies that don’t match their values?

The average person works for over 40 years.

I can understand that it will take young people a few years to find their feet and find the right environment to thrive in.

But if competent zookeepers notice that the animals in their care are not doing well, they make changes and find a way to enable them to live a better life.

So why would we spend 40 years in a situation that we weren’t made for?

My encouragement today is to make sure that you are in a workplace that enables you to utilise your unique skills so that you can maximise the impact you have on the world.

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