The-dikdik-The-impala(Feel free to read this using your best Sir David Attenborough impersonation)

The African savanna is dotted with thorny acacia trees.

It’s a source of food for many species of herbivore and is crucial to their survival.

At the bottom of the tree, the tiny dik-dik antelope nibbles at the small leaves, nimbly avoiding the sharp thorns that protect the tree from such raiders.

Higher up, the impala browses on leaves over a metre high, using their long tongue to gain access to its meal.

Then there’s the remarkable gerenuk.  With the ability to stand on its hind legs, they are able to reach up even higher to feed on leaves that are inaccessible to most species.

But high up on the acacia tree, are the juiciest leaves.  There are less thorns to protect them up here, leaving them vulnerable to the tallest mammal on earth, the giraffe.  Armed with a 20 inch tongue and tough, leathery lips, the giraffe has exclusive access to the best leaves.

The acacia tree represents life and each animal represents our aspirations.

You can live a small life, competing with the masses for the tough, thorny leaves at the bottom.

Or you can reach higher, gaining access to the unique benefits of life at the top.

Which animal are you?