When-we-give-cheerfullyAt the hospital where I stayed with Hayden last weekend there is a wall with a fantastic quote from the wonderful Maya Angelou which says, “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

It reminded me to be more joyful and passionate in my business.

To treat parenting as a privilege, not a chore.

To be more generous with my money, my time and my expertise.

To encourage and equip those who have no hope of paying me back.

And as I observed the children who were much sicker than Hayden, I was reminded that even in the midst of family challenges to be grateful.

Even in the midst of business challenges, to be grateful.

Even in the midst of my own middle-aged creaks and groans, to be grateful.

And when someone does offer to help me or speaks words of encouragement to me, to overcome my stubborn independent streak, smile, accept their assistance and be grateful.

My prayer today is that through my life, others would be blessed.

And that’s my prayer for you as well.