I-prayed-for-what-IThis week, our Wi-Fi went down, so I prayed that it would be restored quickly.

God suggested that I learn patience instead.

I then prayed that some of the challenges in my life would disappear.

He thought that learning resilience and persistence would be a good idea.

I wanted Him to remove temptation from my life so that I could better focus on being pure and noble.

He recommended that I try self-control.

I prayed that He would smite my enemies and deal with those who have let me down.

He answered by reminding me of the values of love and forgiveness.

I asked Him to make my children less annoying and my wife more understanding.

God laughed kindly and offered to equip me to be a better father and husband.

I asked Him to make life less complicated.

He reminded me to pursue wisdom instead.

I prayed for answers to the big questions.

He gave me faith to deal with the unknown.

I prayed for what I wanted.

God gave me what I needed.

I prayed for a more convenient, comfortable world.

God transformed me into a better man.