NVA2L8Last week, I was driving with the kids to Madison’s gymnastics lesson, when I saw a sports car drive past with the number plate, “NVA2L8.”

I wondered to myself, what did this mean for the lady in the car?

What was it NVA2L8 for?

To finish a university degree?

To start a new business?

To find love?

To travel the world?

To run a marathon?

To make peace with God?

To change the world?

I don’t know it meant for her, but I love her attitude.

What about you?

Do you think it’s too late to achieve your dreams?

Do you think that the time has passed you by?

Do you think that your current situation is the best you can hope for?

Not me.

I agree with that lady.

It’s NVA2L8!