Dont-compare-yourselfI used to always feel sorry for the poor person who came fourth in the Olympics.

They sit in the stands watching the three people who beat them, listening to another country’s national anthem and missing out on the medals.

They nearly made it.

They just missed out.

They must wonder, “If only I had trained a bit harder, or been a bit luckier, maybe that could have been me on the podium.”

But when you think about it, coming fourth in the Olympics is still a remarkable achievement.

Whilst there may be some disappointment in the outcome, there can still be a lot of pride in the accomplishment.

Now what about you?

Anyone who aspires to anything in life will occasionally miss out or fall short.

And when that happens, it’s easy to focus on those ahead of you who have made it, who are standing on the podium that you want to stand on, who are being given your medals.

When that happens, remember what you have achieved.

Don’t compare yourself with others, compare yourself with the version of you from a year ago.

Don’t regret not winning, be proud of trying.

Don’t look back with grief, look forward with hope.

Learn from it.

Build upon it.

And never, ever give up aspiring to greatness.