you-want-to-make-aTom and Dwyer were on one of their regular walks when they came across a pond.

At the time, they were discussing Tom’s efforts to make a bigger impact with his work, when Tom bent down and picked up a small pebble.

He threw it into the water and watched the ripples spread.

“See?” he said to his mentor, “I want to do something that spreads, that influences a lot of people.”

Dwyer smiled, “You’ll need something bigger than that pebble if you really want to make a splash.”

Tom laughed and threw a rock into the pond.

“Big enough for you?”

Tom looked around at Dwyer in bemusement as the old man took off his sandals and shirt, stripping down to just his pants.

“What’s the crazy old guy doing now?” he wondered to himself.

Dwyer took a small run up and launched himself into the water, making an enormous splash.

“Wow, that’s cold!” he said as he looked up.

“What the heck are you doing?” said Tom.

“You want to make a splash?  You’ve got to throw yourself into your work.  There is no room for compromise.”