Ibrahim Hamadtou displaying his remarkable skill and tenacity

One of the more remarkable stories from the Rio Paralympics is Egyptian table tennis player, Ibrahim Hamadtou.

At the age of 10, Ibrahim lost both of his arms in a train accident, so you would think that table tennis is an odd choice of sport.

But this extraordinary man was not to be daunted, holding the paddle with his teeth and serving by throwing the ball into the air with his toes.

Yes, you read that right.

If you aren’t impressed, try it at home.

It took him three years to learn, but his persistence has paid off and Ibrahim was able to proudly represent his country.  Despite losing both of his matches in Rio, he won the respect of his opponents and the wider sporting fraternity.

You may think that you have problems.

You may believe that your aspirations are impossible to achieve.

You may feel like giving up.

When you do, remember Ibrahim Hamadtou.

Remember that you have the power to grit your teeth and take hold of life, literally.

Remember that impossible is merely a state of mind.