take-the-hand-brake-offHave you ever forgotten to take the hand brake off when driving?

You’ve got the foot down, but you’re not going anywhere.

You look around to see what’s going wrong, only to look down and see that you’ve got something holding you back.

Something important.

Something self-imposed.

Is it time to take the hand brake off in your life?

To remove the excuses that you’ve been using for years?

To turn off the TV and pick up a book?

To change your mindset from one of negativity and hopelessness, to one of optimism and enthusiasm?

To hang out more with people who urge you forward, rather than those who hold you back?

To turn the doubts that you have in your own abilities, into an irrepressible confidence?

To turn your fear of failure, into a yearning for success?

Take the hand brake off.

Get rolling.

Change the world!