Yes, that’s our Logan up there

At the start of the year, I went with our son Logan to his best friend’s birthday party at a “Clip ‘n Climb” centre.  This is an indoor centre with a range of rock climbing walls for kids to scramble up.

Out of our three kids, Logan is the “sensible” one.  He likes his feet on solid ground and was dreading the party, so it took a bit of encouraging for him to start climbing.

However by the end of the party, he proudly climbed 40-50% up most of the walls that he attempted.

This week, we took the whole tribe to Clip ‘n Climb again.

They had a lot of fun and I noticed that Logan was slightly more confident this time.

Sure, he didn’t make it to the top, but he made progress.  He was getting 70-80% of the way up and he was feeling good about himself (and so he should).

Next time?

I suspect that we won’t be able to stop him from scrambling to the top.

Here’s the message for today.

You may not have the confidence, skill or courage to make it to the top of that wall in front of you today.

But give it a try.

Your confidence won’t increase by staring at your obstacles.

It won’t come from watching the other kids climb, seemingly without fear.

It will increase by trying your best to clamber over them and learning from the experience.

It will come one step at a time.