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you-want-to-make-aTom and Dwyer were on one of their regular walks when they came across a pond.

At the time, they were discussing Tom’s efforts to make a bigger impact with his work, when Tom bent down and picked up a small pebble.

He threw it into the water and watched the ripples spread.

“See?” he said to his mentor, “I want to do something that spreads, that influences a lot of people.”

Dwyer smiled, “You’ll need something bigger than that pebble if you really want to make a splash.”

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how-tall-is-mount-everestThe tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest is 8,848 metres above sea level according to official records.

However, due to movements in tectonic plates, it is estimated that Everest continues to grow by about 4 mm each year.

It’s extraordinary to think that the tallest mountain in the world is still growing and in a few generations will need to be measured again.

So, how tall is Mount Everest?

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i-want-to-encourage-youKaren and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this December.

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t have made it this far if I made a habit of flirting with other women (let’s assume for the sake of this post that I have the ability to flirt, which I don’t, but I digress).

If I was distracted from my beloved, spent excessive time with other women or focused on meeting their needs and not Karen’s, then we wouldn’t have a very successful marriage.

I don’t just want to have a successful marriage, but I want to be successful at everything I do.

As a parent, a speaker, a business owner, a writer.

It’s tempting sometimes to flirt with mediocrity.

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keep-going-we-believe-inIf you hear nothing else today, please know this:

You are valuable.

You are valued.

You have a unique set of skills and you can do things that no-one else can do.

You are created in the image of God.

And He has a plan for your life.

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if-you-stop-now-youllIf you stop now…

You’ll never get there.

You’ll always wonder, “What if…?”

You’ll be more inclined to make excuses to stop again in the future.

You’ll prove your critics right.

You’ll regret it forever.

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do-it-todaySpend time with your family today, so that tomorrow you are more connected.

Read today, so that tomorrow you are better informed.

Work hard today, so that tomorrow you have less stress in your life.

Invest in someone else by encouraging and coaching them, and watch them flourish tomorrow.

Exercise and eat well today, so that you feel better and have more energy tomorrow.

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peanut-allergies-and-fearIf you are allergic to peanuts, the logical response is to stay away from the offending beasts.

In such a situation, exposure is extremely dangerous and I know a few people who have an epi-pen on hand in case they have an allergic reaction.

However, recent research suggests that a small level of exposure to peanuts over a long period of time make the body more resistant to the effects.

Think about that for a moment.

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are-your-dreams-anWe all have dreams.

Some people have dreams that give them an escape from reality.

A happy place.

A fantasy.

A holiday destination on a tropical island.

A quiet place to go to when the chaos of life is too much.

But when the eyes open up again, nothing has changed

Others have dreams that give them fuel to create a better future.

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You-have-gifts-andThere’s a guy who has a special untouched bottle of wine that he’s saving for an exclusive occasion.

There’s a lady who lives across the road from him who has a brand new sports car that she keeps in the garage.

And down the street there’s a family with a new lounge suite that they keep wrapped in plastic.

And then there’s you.

You have gifts and abilities.

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I-wish-that-I-could-doI wish that I could do more.

Feed every starving child.

Stop every international conflict.

Rescue every sex slave.

I wish that I had the answers to the big problems.

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