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Well, here we are again, at the end of another year.

2016 was the biggest year yet for this humble little blog.  Traffic has continued to increase by about 10% and I have now reached 1.5 million views.

Thanks everyone for your support this year, I really appreciate all of you and trust that 2016 will be your best year yet.

I now have written over 1,700 posts on this blog and here are the 10 posts that have generated the most traffic in 2016: Read the rest of this entry »

what-will-you-be-proud-ofI hope that as you look back on the past 12 months and beyond that there are quite a few things that you are proud of.

I hope that you can reflect positively and feel satisfied with your past achievements.

But I also hope that you’re not done yet.

I hope that the best is yet to come.

So my question today is, “What will you be proud of?”

What goals are you setting that, if achieved, will make a positive difference?

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dont-wish-for-it-workDon’t wish for this year to be better than the one before.

Don’t wish for a better job.

Don’t wish for a healthier body.

Don’t wish for better behaved children.

Don’t wish for more money.

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poor-people-have-big-tvsI love reading and put aside time every day to invest in my personal development.  I take my kindle everywhere I go and make my way through about 25 books every year.

This year has been no different and I have benefited significantly from the wisdom of others, with a lot more biographies and autobiographies than usual.  Of course, not every book I read is for my development, some are purely for my entertainment, but I have enjoyed most of the books that I have read this year.

Here are my favourite books from 2016: Read the rest of this entry »

act-like-an-expert-butI have been running my resume writing business and writing this blog for almost 7 years now.  The time has flown and there’s a lot that I have learned over the years.

There’s a lot that I know now that comes instinctively.  Once I know the type of role that a client is looking for, I have an immediate feel for the types of phrases that I should be utilising to position them for their ideal position.

But there’s still more to learn.

There are new developments that I need to stay aware of.

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its-risky-to-cross-theIf you drive through the rural roads of Australia, you won’t have to go far before you see a dead wallaby, kangaroo or even wombat by the side of the highway.

The poor unlucky animal wanted to cross the road, but met with a grisly end after being hit by a truck or car.

Do the other wallabies see this?

Do they talk to each other about the dangers of crossing the road and stay right where they are?

Of course not, they just see the greener grass over there and go for it.

What about us?

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If-you-think-that-youIf you think that you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.

If you think that you’re lucky or unlucky, you’re probably right.

If you think that you can change or not, you’re probably right.

If you think that there are plenty of opportunities out there or not, you’re probably right.

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Merry Christmas from Hayden, Logan, Madison and Dusty the golden retriever

It’s that time of year again when we send and receive Christmas cards with updates from friends and family.  I have a few family members who write lovely letters with the details of their year and so here is the annual message from our family.

2016 has been a terrific year, with the kids growing up (and up and up) and lots of lovely memories to reflect on.

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you-have-a-knack-use-itMy golden retriever, Dusty, has a knack.

I don’t know how she does it, but she can always tell when I am preparing to take her for a walk.  Well before I grab the keys and her leash, her ears prick up and she starts following me around with her tail wagging enthusiastically.

My daughter, Madison, has a knack.

Every evening, without fail, she discovers a new reason (real or imagined) to come out of her bedroom and talk to us after her bedtime.  I don’t know how she does it, but her imagination knows no end.

You have a knack.

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at-least-give-yourself-aI don’t know if that book idea that you have is a best seller.

Or if that business concept you’ve been thinking about will make you a million dollars.

Maybe you won’t be able to cure that disease or raise enough money to solve poverty in a developing nation.

I wish that I could tell you that everything you try will work.

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