its-risky-to-cross-theIf you drive through the rural roads of Australia, you won’t have to go far before you see a dead wallaby, kangaroo or even wombat by the side of the highway.

The poor unlucky animal wanted to cross the road, but met with a grisly end after being hit by a truck or car.

Do the other wallabies see this?

Do they talk to each other about the dangers of crossing the road and stay right where they are?

Of course not, they just see the greener grass over there and go for it.

What about us?

We’ve all heard stories of people who crashed and burned.

That guy who started a really bad band in his garage that no-one wanted to hear.

That woman who quit her job to start a business that went bust after a few months.

That good and noble man who went overseas to help the poor, but ended up being stabbed by the locals for his efforts.

We see them.

We hear their stories.

And we use that as an excuse to never go to the other side for fear of the danger.

Yes, it’s risky to cross the road.

But it’s worse if you stay where you are.