its-a-wonderfulOne of my daily disciplines is to read.

I grab my trusty Kindle and enter the world of people much wiser than myself, learning important principles and being endlessly entertained by their clever words.

I read to learn and grow, and the process has had enormous benefits for my own professional and spiritual development.

But I recently realised that there is another benefit of reading that I hadn’t thought of before.  It’s an unintended consequence that I now appreciate.

The silence.

My reading time is usually at night after the kids have gone to bed and it’s lovely to have a period of time when I can just sit quietly.

The television is off, there is no phone to distract me and no kids running around.

Just me and my thoughts.

I can be still.

I can think.

I can ponder.

In a world full of endless distractions and unnecessary busyness, it’s therapeutic to be quiet for a while.

It’s a wonderful privilege to read, learn and grow.

The silence is a bonus.