you-may-not-reach-greatWe went on a family walk this week and as we wandered along, we saw a few massive trees that had fallen to the ground over the years.

These once magnificent gum trees, probably well over a hundred years old were now just lying there, rotting on the ground.

What a waste.

Or so it seemed.

These trees, may never recover their former glory, but they still had an important function to play in their eco-systems.

They provided food and lodging for tens of thousands of insects, which in turn provided food for many native birds and other animals.

As they rotted, they returned valuable nutrients into the soil for future trees to benefit from.

And of course, they became natural playground equipment for our three kids, who delighted in climbing them and running up and down, pretending to be explorers and adventurers.

There are many people in our communities who once scaled great heights and have now fallen.

Perhaps you feel like that sometimes.

Perhaps age has caught up and you can no longer physically do the things that you once could.

Perhaps you have had a health condition slow you down and limit your capabilities.

Perhaps you made a silly mistake that cost you your reputation.

But even the fallen log has its usefulness.

God can give you a second chance.

You can still mentor or coach someone.

You can still be an encouragement to someone who feels like giving up.

You can help others learn from your mistakes.

You may not reach great heights again, but you are still incredibly valuable and useful.