what-are-you-good-at-ifIf we were to compare our skills and talents, I can guarantee that there will be something that you can do better than me.

And if we added a third person to the conversation, there would still be something that you can do better than both of us.

And if you were to stand in a room of 10-20 people, there would be something unique about your capabilities that stands out.

Conversely, there’s something that you’re not good at.

You may enjoy it, wish that you could do it or even tell people that you can, but you stink at it.

Me?  I’m the least handy guy that I know.

I fret at daylight savings time every year, because taking down clocks, changing the time on them and then restoring them to their rightful place on the wall without breaking something is stretching my handyman capabilities.

I wish that I was handy (and I know that Karen does too), but I’m not.

So I do what I’m good at.

I’m blessed to be able to make a living from encouraging people and writing nice things about them that sells their capabilities to potential employers.

What about you?

What are you good at?

If you don’t know, find out.

If you do know, go and do it every day.

And don’t ever stop getting better at it.