the-successful-people-weWhen you come across a speed hump in the road, you slow down your car and carefully drive over it.

When you buy a new appliance that has been wrapped extra carefully, you don’t just leave it on the shelf, you take the time to get it unwrapped and start using it.

When you walk along a path and there is a fallen tree in the way, you don’t just turn around and go back, you climb over it or walk around it.

When you are running in a hurdles race, you don’t stop when you get to the first hurdle and wonder what that contraption is doing in the middle of the track, you jump over it and keep going to the next one.

But what about your dreams and goals?

What about the big aspirations that you have for your life?

Do you give up at the first obstacle?

Or do you persist and carry on?

Because the successful people we admire aren’t those with no obstacles in their lives, they are the ones who refuse to be stopped by them.