if-you-want-a-betterAs creatures of habit, we often find ourselves repeating the same thoughts, words and actions without even thinking about it.

We’ve done them so often and for so long that we don’t even notice that we are doing them anymore.

So what are you repeating?

Are you making the same mistakes that you have for years?

Are you practicing the fundamentals of your craft to develop them to an elite level?

Do you have all your painful memories on an internal loop in your mind?

Are you telling your family over and over again how much you love and appreciate them?

Are you disciplined enough to pray and read the bible every day?

Are you walking around with the same chip on your shoulder?

Are you recalling all of the encouraging words that have ever been spoken to you?

Are you continuously role-modelling and describing the values of your organisation to your people?

Remember, the results you get tomorrow will come from the thoughts, words and actions that you repeat today.

If you want a better tomorrow, perhaps it’s time to develop some better habits today.