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happy-valentines-day-myOn Valentine’s Day 22 years ago, Karen and I shared our first kiss.

It was a fleeting, spontaneous moment that sparked an exciting adventure of love that has seen us live in 2 states, call 6 houses our home, own 3 dogs, have 3 terrific kids and start a business together.

We have laughed and cried together.

We have held hands and hurled angry words.

We have been filled with incredible love as we held our children for the first time and been gripped by terror as we wondered what to do next.

And as I look back, I wonder, what was my favourite Valentine’s Day?

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take-a-deep-breath-getResilience is one of the most important traits that successful people have.

But none of them were born with it and none of them obtained it by sitting on the bench.

They built it by falling over and getting back up again.

They built it by failing and realising that it wasn’t the end of the world.

They built it by not allowing the harsh words of their critics to seep into their souls.

They built it by doing the hard things that they didn’t want to do, because they knew that it would be easier the next time.

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let-us-not-become-wearyIn the midst of the chaos and busyness of today, I trust that you are still able to find the time to plant seeds for tomorrow.

Read great books to keep your mind full of new, fresh ideas.

Build mutually beneficial relationships with others.

Spend time with your kids and family (not quality time, just time).

Invest in your health.  Hopefully, you will live to be a ripe, old age, you will want to be mobile and spritely in the years ahead.

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is-your-cucumber-bitterMarcus Aurelius once said:

“Is your cucumber bitter? Throw it away.

Are there briars in your path? Turn aside.

That is enough.

Do not go on and say, “Why were things of this sort ever brought into this world?” neither intolerable nor everlasting – if thou bearest in mind that it has its limits, and if thou addest nothing to it in imagination.

Pain is either an evil to the body (then let the body say what it thinks of it) – or to the soul.

But it is in the power of the soul to maintain its own serenity and tranquility.” Read the rest of this entry »

you-are-not-your-pastYou are not how you were described in your high school reports.

You are not the things that your parents said about you when they were angry.

You don’t have to be defined by your past relationship mistakes.

You are not the same person that you were when you were fired from your first job.

You’ve grown since then.

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are-you-paying-attentionAll around you are great opportunities to do your best work.

There are people who could do with your wisdom and guidance.

There’s a chance to bring joy to someone who could really do with it.

There are important problems that you can solve.

There are amazing business ideas that can be launched.

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if-you-wait-for-theOne of my rituals is to make sure that I walk 10,000 steps each and every day.

Last night, I took my trusty sidekick, our golden retriever Dusty, out for a walk and got caught in a fairly heavy thunderstorm about half-way through our stroll.  When the rain started pouring and the thunder started rumbling, she looked at me as if to say, “Why did you bring me out here?” and I wondered the same, but I remembered that my goal was to get my steps no matter the circumstances or conditions.  So I put my head down and trudged along.

Here’s the thing, no matter what you want to do in life, sometimes, you gotta walk in the rain.

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theres-an-internalThere’s an internal battle that we all must fight.

It’s a battle against our fears and anxieties.

It’s a battle against the voice in our heads that says we’re not good enough.

It’s a battle against the temptation to do things that we’ll regret later.

It’s a battle against the concept that failure is final.

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frederick-douglass-quoteIt seems as though a few prominent people don’t really know who Frederick Douglass is, which is a shame as he truly was a remarkable American who achieved great deeds during his life from 1818 to 1895.

After escaping slavery at the age of 20, Douglass went on to become a powerful and persuasive author and speaker who made a significant contribution to the eventual abolition of slavery.  Describing racism as the result of a “diseased imagination,” he had a wonderful way with words that still resonates today.

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we-all-want-the-finishedAll first drafts stink.

They are embarrassing and awkward.

They are full of typos and lack flow.

Basically, they aren’t fit for human consumption and should be hidden away from the public eye.

But they are a start.

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