I walked past our local florist over the weekend and noticed the lady who ran the store working feverishly getting everything organised for the day.

As a middle-aged male, I’ve never really understood florists.  They seem to just sell over-priced plants that die in a few days.

And don’t get me started on getting up at 3am to buy fresh stock from the local flower markets.

Really, what’s the point?

But of course, florists do so much more than that.

They bring colour and fragrance to a drab world.

They light up the day of the person receiving the gifts.

They say “sorry,” or “I’m thinking of you,” or “I love you.”

They bring joy.

We need florists in the world.

But you don’t need to be one to bring colour, to light up someone’s day, to say something nice or to bring joy to the people around you.