For most of us, when we aspire to do anything meaningful with our lives, we have our doubts about whether or not it will work.

I know that there are exceptions, those who never have any doubts at all.  But I’m not sure if I admire or are slightly wary of people like this, so this post probably isn’t for them.

This is for those who aren’t quite sure if what they trying will work.

They don’t know if they have the capacity to pull it off.

They wonder if they have left it too late, or if they should wait a little bit longer before starting.

Most often those doubts come from deep inside, but they also come from the chorus of cynics all around us.

If this is you, remember, your doubts are like weeds.

They are unwanted, ugly and unnecessary.

If you pull them out early, they will be easy to deal with and won’t hinder you from making progress towards before your goals.

But if you let them grow…

If you feed them…

If you don’t develop a strategy to deal with them on a regular basis…

They can, and will, restrict you and hold you back.