These are some of the questions I hear from clients often when we are mapping out a course of action and the fear starts to kick in.

“But what if it doesn’t work?”

“What if I don’t get that job that I’m after?”

“What if I get what I want, but don’t like it when I get there?”

“If it doesn’t work, won’t this all be just a waste of time and energy?”

And here are my usual responses:

“Don’t give up.  If it doesn’t work the first time, learn from the experience, then keep tweaking your strategy until it does.”

“There are other jobs.”

“Then now you know and you can pursue something else.  Better to find out now that it’s not for you than to hold onto an unfulfilled fantasy for the rest of your life.”

“It’s never a waste of time or energy if you end up closer to living your purpose.”

The fear is normal.

The wondering if it’s all going to work is normal.

The ability to persist and push past your anxieties is what will make you special.