We all have moments of failure in our lives.

We can’t win them all and will miss out on promotions, sales, hot dates or game winning jump shots at some stage of our lives.

So, what do we do with such failures?

As I see it, we each have a range of choices.

We can try to avoid it, but that doesn’t really work.  We can only avoid failure by doing nothing with our lives and that sounds like a recipe for failure to me.

We can let it devour us, repeating our failures over and over again in our heads and reinforcing the belief that we are no good and will amount to nothing.

Or we can learn from it.

Embrace it.

Use it to make us more resilient.

We can make failure our friend, rather than that annoying uncle we try to avoid every Christmas.

At some level, failure is inevitable.

It’s what we do afterwards that matters.