You may regret lashing out in anger, but I’ve yet to meet someone who regretted speaking kind words with love.

You may regret going through the motions and doing the bare minimum, but you won’t regret giving it your all and living with enthusiasm.

You may regret putting someone down, but if you speaking words of encouragement, you (and the other person) will be grateful that you did.

You may regret doing what feels good in the moment, but if you make sure that your actions are aligned with your long-term goals, you won’t regret it.

You may regret not investing into your kid’s lives with time, love and discipline when they are young, but if you do the hard work of parenting when they are young, you will be able to look upon them with great pride in the years ahead.

What are you doing that you will regret later?

And what are you doing now that you will be grateful for in the future?