Even though I’m an experienced life coach, I know that there is still much more to learn about my craft.  Thankfully, there are a lot of people I have had the privilege of learning from.

Over the years, I’ve worked for, met and read books written by some terrific coaches and I’ve found that they each have three common denominators.

They know the people that they coach – Great coaches ask great questions and utilise exceptional listening skills to find out more about their people.  Using simple models such as the GROW Model, they are able to gain an understanding about the aspirations of the people they are working with, as well as their history, obstacles and strengths.  In dong so, they are able to help the people they are working with to find a way forward that matches their unique situation and will help them to deliver exceptional results.

They care for the people that they coach – Great coaches don’t just find out information, they understand what motivates their clients.  They care enough to find out the “why” behind the goal and as a consequence are able to create a highly motivating atmosphere that creates trust and inspires action.

They never stop learning – Great coaches understand that you can’t give away what they don’t have and know the importance of constant personal development.  They read great books, attend helpful seminars and tap into the latest knowledge in their industry.  They may be confident in their capabilities, but they are humble enough to understand that there is still more to learn.

Do you want to be a great coach too?

Then know, care and never stop learning.