I’m grateful for the people I’ve never met who have had a powerful impact on my life.  It may have come through their remarkable actions, their leadership at a crucial moment or their written or spoken words that seeped into my spirit, but it’s a wonderful legacy that they have left.

There are people in the world you may never end up meeting, but you can still have a massive, positive impact on them as well.

Perhaps someone you lead and inspire will go on to lead and inspire them.

Perhaps someone you encourage will, in turn, become their greatest cheerleader.

Perhaps a book or blog post that you write will change someone’s perspective or equip them with knowledge that they need.

Perhaps the positive influence that you have on the people in your life will have a wonderful ripple effect.

Today, I would like you to imagine the potential for your words and actions to have far-reaching positive consequences.

You and I have the capacity and power to change the lives of people from all over the globe and for future generations after we’re gone.

Let’s not waste that amazing opportunity.