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To those who are faithful in the small things…

Who regularly perform random acts of kindness…

Who pray persistently behind closed doors…

Who lead, even if they don’t have a title…

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Simon Sinek recently tweeted, “What good is having a belly if there’s no fire in it.”

Some people fall into the trap of thinking that they can’t do anything meaningful with their lives.

I’m not one of the chosen few.

I’m not lucky like others.

I can’t really make a difference.  No, not me.

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In the recent World Athletics Championships in London, Australian discus thrower came second and was awarded a Silver Medal for her achievement.

She didn’t win, but she was still smiling afterwards and was rapt with her efforts.


As a former World Champion, shouldn’t she be disappointed that she didn’t win again?

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That cranky email or tweet that you’re about to send.

That conversation that you’re about to have with your kids on the way home from their football match.

That snide remark you just though of.

Before you do it, don’t ask, “Will this make me feel better?”

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A lion in the zoo looks like a lion in the wild.

It has big teeth.

It has big claws.

It can still roar.

The male still has a big mane.

It still looks fearsome.

A lion in the zoo looks like a lion in the wild, but it doesn’t do what a lion in the wild does.

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It would be wonderful if there was a nice, well-constructed staircase that someone built for us that we could climb to get to our goals.

One step at a time, with our hands on the balustrades for balance, we make our way to the top and enjoy the view.

But what happens if there is no staircase?

What if there is nothing in front of you to climb?

Are we destined to stay on the ground floor, looking longingly at those who have made it to the top?

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I’m grateful for the people I’ve never met who have had a powerful impact on my life.  It may have come through their remarkable actions, their leadership at a crucial moment or their written or spoken words that seeped into my spirit, but it’s a wonderful legacy that they have left.

There are people in the world you may never end up meeting, but you can still have a massive, positive impact on them as well.

Perhaps someone you lead and inspire will go on to lead and inspire them.

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Two football teams play in the same terrible wet and windy conditions.

For one, it’s too uncomfortable and they make excuses for their performance, whilst the other team thrives in the conditions.

Which one wins?

Two bakeries are operating in the same economic conditions.

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Is there a limit on how much you can keep growing?

Does there come a time when you peak?

Should you just give up and stop trying to improve yourself?

Let me ask you.

Are there still books you can read that will assist you in your development?

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I’m so proud of my 9 year old daughter, Madison.

She’s full of life, a real go-getter and has more energy than any 9 year old girl should have.

But I have a concern.

In a world that continually praises or criticises women purely on the basis of looks, I want her to be defined by more than her physical appearance.

So if you want to complement her, please don’t say that she is pretty or beautiful (although in her dad’s unbiased opinion, she is).

Complement her on her intelligence.

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