After Richmond’s extraordinary win in last weekend’s AFL Grand Final, media shy star Dustin Martin was asked how the team handled their nerves before the big game.

He simply said, “Our desire to succeed has outweighed our fear of failure.”

A team that has so often underachieved on big stages was able to perform brilliantly under the brightest of lights.

A team that has so often buckled under the weight of the expectations of their long-suffering fans finally threw off that burden to play with flair and freedom.

A team that has so often had been defined by failure is now defined by success.

A team that has so often been the punchline is now the headline.

What about you?

How much do you want it?

Will you train and improve your skills relentlessly?

Will you try new things and innovate?

Will you defy the definitions of the past to create a new persona and reputation?

Will you be energised by the exciting future ahead or be content with an ordinary, non-descript life?

Will your desire for success outweigh your fear of failure?

Well done Tigers and thanks for a remarkable year.