It’s scary how bad we were when we first started.

That first piece of writing.

That first attempted sale.

That first tee shot.

Embarrassing.  Diabolical.  Scary bad.

And when we look back on our current work in a few years’ time, what we’re doing now will look scary bad as well.

How could I have submitted that?

Why didn’t anyone tell me how bad it was?

I thought I knew so so much, but I still had so much to learn.

I hope that no-one noticed.

Embarrassing.  Diabolical.  Scary bad.

But there’s something even scarier, something even worse.

There are those who are so conscious of making mistakes that they never try anything new.

They don’t want to be embarrassed, so they wait until they can do something perfectly before they start.  Which of course, means that they never start.

They see the diabolical work of others and swear that will never be them, not understanding that there’s a connection between starting badly and finishing well.

And as a consequence, they live an ordinary life.

A safe life.

An insignificant life.

Now that’s scary bad!