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I’m still basking in the glory of my footy team’s AFL premiership a couple of weeks ago and recently read this quote from one of Richmond’s unsung heroes, Kane Lambert.  He said,

“It’s funny, we get to the destination of winning a premiership but I think the sweetest part and the thing that makes it worthwhile was the journey we went on together. I’m looking forward to getting back to training with the boys and trying to have a crack at it all over again. I’m excited about what’s ahead, rather than what we’ve done.

It’s great to feel good about past achievements, but keep looking ahead and put the work in to replicate your results.

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Some people are bird watchers.

Wherever they go, they see birds.

Other people may not notice them, but they do.

Some people are stock market watchers.

They are always watching the market for when to buy or sell.

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One of the books that I’m reading is Tom Morris’s, “The Oasis Within: A Journey of Preparation” and he uses the uncle in the book to tell the following story:

“Let me then tell you about a man who sought treasure his whole life – gold, silver, other precious metals, and jewels, as well as swords made by master craftsmen, ornate knives, and delicate, expensive artifacts like vases and beautiful small statues. He would go out in the world and do whatever it took to acquire such things, then bring them home and store them in an attic room over where he slept, to keep it all safe, and so he could be near his treasure.

“As he brought additional valuables home and put them in the attic, the floorboards would creak and groan loudly with the weight. But he continued to want more, and still more, and he worked hard to get it.”

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Don’t give up on your dreams.

Don’t give up on the things that motivate and inspire you.

Don’t give up on your ability to continually improve your skills.

Don’t give up on maintaining an optimistic attitude.

Don’t give up on your capacity to bounce back from rejection and disappointment.

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We will know that you are serious about your career…

We will know that you love us…

We will know that you want to become world-class at what you do…

We will know that you are looking to achieve phenomenal goals…

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How was the Great Wall of China built?

One brick at a time.

How long did it take?

Many, many years.

How was the Sistine Chapel built?

One brick at a time.

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I often get asked about how you know what you should be doing with your life.

It would be convenient if we received our calling via a bright, clear, neon-light message, but it often starts with an inkling.

A nudge.

A prompt.

A suspicion that you know what you should be doing next.

Of course, you can ignore that inkling.

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The comeback starts when you get up off the canvas, shake yourself off and decide that you’re not giving up yet.

It continues when you admit that what you’ve done so far isn’t working and you make the necessary changes to get back in the contest.

It gains momentum when you start inching back.  You know that you can’t do it all at once, but moment by moment you can make up some ground.

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Every week, there’s a night when it’s time to put out the rubbish bins.

Some weeks, they overflow, some weeks there’s not too much trash, but it all goes out and never comes back.

In our lives, it’s tempting sometimes to hold on to rubbish for too long.

The negative words that have been said to us.

The mistakes that we have made and regretted.

The times when we didn’t get the rub of the green and were unlucky.

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There will come a day when you no longer work where you are.

And, like me, you will get too old to play competitive team sport.

Maybe you will change churches, change address or change to another volunteering opportunity.

Whatever changes are in front of you, you will leave something behind.

Will it be a legacy, or a reputation?

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