With the sad, untimely passing of tennis great Jana Novotna at the young age of 49, I stumbled across a beautiful quote from the Duchess of Kent after Jana lost the Wimbledon Final to Steffi Graf in 1993.

Jana was almost inconsolable, when the Duchess leaned over and whispered, “I know you will win it one day, don’t worry.”

Five years later, those words proved prophetic when she eventually won the Wimbledon final in 1998.

We all come across people who have lost hope.

It may not be as dramatic as a Grand Slam Final, but perhaps they missed out on a job, weren’t selected for a team or have been unlucky in love.

Who can you encourage?

Who can you give hope to?

Who can you inspire?

And who will one day look back and recognise you as the one who didn’t give up on them, but believed that they could make it?